Elise Barrella

Elise Barrella

Research Assistant Professor

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Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S. City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. Civil Engineering, Bucknell University


Dr. Barrella enjoys investigating urban infrastructure as complex, socio-technical systems and exploring how engineering students learn about and design systems.

Select Publications

Foley, R. and Barrella, E. (Under Review). Exploring philosophies, policies and practices of engineering: Shared learning vis-a-vis the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. In Philosophy and Engineering: Reimagining Technology and Social Progress, Springer.

Barrella, E. M., & Watson, M. K. (2018). Identifying Imbalances in Sustainable Design Curricula: A Spotlight on Economic Sustainability. Engineering Education for Sustainable Development 2018 Conference, Glassboro, NJ, 3-6 June 2018. (Outstanding Contribution Award)

Watson, M.K., Barrella, E., and Pelkey, J. (2018). Assessment of Conceptual Knowledge using a Component-Based Concept Map Scoring Program. International Journal of Engineering Education, 34(3), 1025-1037.

Barrella, E., Spratto, E., Pappas, E., & Nagel, R. (2018). Developing and Validating an Individual Sustainability Instrument with Engineering Students to Motivate Intentional Change. Sustainability, 10(8), 2885.

Barrella, E., Lineburg, K., Hurley, P., (2017). Advancement of Sustainable Cities through Transportation Evaluation and Partnerships, International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Volume 18, Issue 4.

Watson, M.K., Barrella, E., Wall, T. (2017). A Rubric to Analyze Student Abilities to Engage in Sustainable Design. Advances in Engineering Education, Spring 2017, Volume 6, Issue 1.

Barrella, E. and M.K. Watson. (2016). Comparing Outcomes of Horizontal and Vertical Integration of Sustainability Content into Engineering Curricula Using Concept Maps. In New Developments in Engineering Education for Sustainable Development, Ed. Walter Leal & Susan Nesbit. World Sustainability Series, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.

Pierrakos, O., Barrella, E., Stoup, K. (2015). On the Impacts of Technical Design Reviews: From Implementation to Mixed-Methods Evidence. International Journal of Engineering Education, 31-6B, Special Issue: Selected Papers from the 2014 Capstone Design Conference, 1844-1859.

Alexander, R., Britt, L., & Barrella, E. (2014). Converging on sustainable placemaking through transdisciplinary process. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 4(4), 301-309.

Barrella, E., Amekudzi, A., and Meyer, M. (2013). Evaluating Sustainability Approaches of Transportation Agencies through a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Framework. Transportation Research Record: Journal of Transportation Research Board, 2357: 41-49.