Congratulations to Dr. Courtney Di Vittorio and Dr. Lauren Lowman on being a part of a newly funded National Science Foundation (NSF) research grant. This award entitled ‘Scalable Models, Fast Computation and Predictability for Spatio-temporal Ordinal Data’ is an interdisciplinary project to develop new statistical methods for enhanced drought prediction. The Principal Investigator of this award is Dr. Rob Erhardt from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics from Wake Forest University. Drs. Di Vittorio and Lowman, along with Dr. Staci Hepler from Wake Forest Statistical Sciences, will serve as Co-Principal Investigators. This 3-year project will ultimately help produce better models to study US drought by more rapidly incorporating newly emerging observations and reducing uncertainties to make more meaningful predictions.  Read more here

Dr. Courtney Di Vittorio

Dr. Lauren Lowman