• Watch – Professor Henslee takes a walk with President Wente
    President Wente walks and talks with Erin Henslee, Assistant Professor of Engineering, about Henslee’s cell research and her collaborations across departments and schools.
    To recognize the efforts that scores of Wake Forest students put in applying for nationally competitive REUs and awards (such as the Goldwater, Truman, Fulbright, and Rhodes Scholarships) on top of their classes, community engagement, and leadership commitments, the Scholars Office holds an annual celebration. “Those Who Dared” honors both the students who put in […]
  • Engineering lab studies responses to extreme weather
    The lab, led by Dr. Lauren Lowman, examines how extreme conditions impact vegetation and water quantity It’s a cloudy day outside Wake Downtown. On the fourth floor, Wake Forest engineering professor and researcher Dr. Lauren Lowman sits surrounded by open windows and clouds.    Lowman leads the Environmental Dynamics Lab at Wake Forest University, a lab […]
  • Earth Day aligns with Wake students’ erosion project
    The Earth Day timing is purely serendipitous but, as it turns out, entirely appropriate. Four Wake Forest University engineering students say a nine-month senior project they will present Saturday has allowed them to apply some of what they’ve learned over the past four years while establishing a connection with a part of Winston-Salem they otherwise […]
  • Wake Forest’s BS Engineering Degree is ABET Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission
    “I am honored to publicly share that our Wake Forest University BS Engineering degree is officially ABET Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC). We have earned the full allowable 6 years of accreditation and our accreditation is retroactive for the graduating WFU Engineering Classes of 2021 and 2022.  This is truly tremendous news, especially when […]
  • URECA in the Di Vittorio Lab
    Wake Forest University features undergraduate research fellows Amelia Suhocki and Michael Huang on Instagram.
  • NSF CAREER AWARD – Dr. Erin Henslee
    Congratulations to Dr. Erin Henslee on being awarded a Faculty Early Career Development Program National Science Foundation (NSF) award entitled: CAREER: Investigating the Cellular Electrome as a Biomarker in Red Blood Cell Physiology and Pathology. Congratulations Dr. Henslee on this tremendous accomplishment! Read more here
  • Dr. Courtney Di Vittorio and Dr. Lauren Lowman Take Part in an Interdisciplinary Project Funded by NSF
    Congratulations to Dr. Courtney Di Vittorio and Dr. Lauren Lowman on being a part of a newly funded National Science Foundation (NSF) research grant. This award entitled ‘Scalable Models, Fast Computation and Predictability for Spatio-temporal Ordinal Data’ is an interdisciplinary project to develop new statistical methods for enhanced drought prediction. The Principal Investigator of this […]
  • Dr. Lowman Travels to Costa Rica in Support of her NSF Award
    Tropical Montane Cloud Forests (TMCFs), which are unique tropical ecosystems that occur in a narrow altitudinal band between 800 and 3500 meters on mountains, are important ecosystems to study and conserve due to their exceedingly high biodiversity as well as the critical roles they play in local and regional water cycling. What makes these forests […]
  • Two WFU engineering professors get water quality research grant
    Wake Forest University assistant professors of engineering Courtney Di Vittorio and Kyana Young, in collaboration with professors at two area institutions, have received a three-year, $250,000 Environmental Enhancement Grant (EEG) from the Attorney General’s office.
  • NSF Award – Dr. Erin Henslee
      Congratulations to Dr. Erin Henslee on being awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Grant for her work entitled: Understanding How Making Contributes to Student Self-efficacy And Character Development Across Multiple STEM Disciplines and Student Identities. Congratulations Dr. Henslee on this tremendous accomplishment!
  • NSF Award – Dr. Lauren Lowman
    Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Lowman on being awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation’s Division of Integrative Organismal Systems for the effect of climate change on system shifts on tropical mountains and “the interplay of epiphyte losses on host tree function, microclimate, and hydrology.” Congratulations Dr. Lowman on this tremendous accomplishment!
  • Engineering Student Andrew Rust Featured in Wake Forest News
    “Wake Forest senior Andrew Rust founded ByteSize Learning with his friend Ayden Hochstein, a senior at N.C. State. The two were roommates at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in high school and bonded over their mutual interests in computing and software.”
  • Leadership, Character, and Complex Calculations
    Assistant Professor Lauren Lowman teaches a complicated third-year engineering course. When she introduced some of the Program’s strategies for developing character, she found her students looking at hard-to-solve physics and mathematics work in a new way.  Read More
  • Regan O’Donnell’s Delivers Closing Remarks
    Watch Regan O’Donnell’s closing remarks for the Wake Forest University’s Bachelor of Science Diploma Ceremony of 2021.
  • Why WFU Engineering?  A Recent Presentation by Dr. Pierrakos
    Check out the top 10 list for “Why WFU Engineering?”  These are some stats about our WFU Engineering program and the inaugural class of 43 WFU Engineers graduating this May.  Post graduation plans are also included in these slides.  Here is a breakdown:  65% of graduates going to industry/government, 23% to graduate schools in engineering, […]
  • Dr. Di Vittorio Earns a $500K+ NASA Grant to Advance Future Development of Global Ocean Climate Models
    By April Espinoza Dr. Di Vittorio was recently awarded a $580,000 grant from NASA to support her research program over the next three years. She will lead this study as Principal Investigator in collaboration with Co-I’s Dr. Dorothy Peteet, Dr. Christian Braneon, and Dr. Anastasia Romanou. The proposed research will assess the relative significance of […]
  • Michael Gross named faculty director for the Center for Entrepreneurship
    Michael Gross, a founding faculty member and associate professor of the undergraduate Department of Engineering, has been named the David and Leila Farr Faculty Director for the Wake Forest University Center for Entrepreneurship. “We are thrilled and know he will do a wonderful job in this important role,” said Dan Cohen, executive director of the Center […]
  • WFU Engineering Awarded $700K+ to Advance New Model for Engineering Education: Character Education and Entrepreneurial Mindset
    (Author: Adela Morales-Santana) With the support of the Kern Family Foundation, the Wake Forest University Department of Engineering has received an award to elevate the importance of ethical decision making (via character education) and an entrepreneurial mindset.  Virtues like curiosity, creativity, perseverance, courage, teamwork, service, intellectual humility, and practical wisdom are of key focus in […]
  • Building Community During a Pandemic: Dr. Melissa Kenny Reflects on Bringing a Personal Touch to Remote Teaching
    Assistant Teaching Professor Dr. Melissa Kenny is a natural academic with a heightened passion for teaching, educating, and cultivating student growth. Her degrees and experiences in biomedical engineering brought her to Wake Engineering where a liberal arts curriculum, collaborative nature, and innovative mindset will allow her to teach a variety of content, including a biologically-inspired […]
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Dr. Hunter Bachman, Reflects on this Semester’s Teaching Experiences
    After years of teaching practice as a tutor and teaching assistant, Dr. Bachman applied his professional skills to educate students at a community college and a small private institution. These teaching experiences offered him exposure to online education systems and the challenges of navigating teaching within an up and coming academic program. Prepared by these […]
  • Dr. Kyana Young Receives Awards for Innovative Water Recycle Project and Impactful Community Outreach Program
    Dr. Kyana Young recently received a Collaboration Grant with Tunisian colleague and microbiologist Dr. Sihem Jebri. With an academic background in Civil and Environmental engineering and a passion for travel, Dr. Young understands the importance that water treatment/quality plays in the maintenance of a community’s public health. With this particular grant, she will be working […]
  • Visiting Professor of Practice Nick Lutzweiler and Capstone team Gain Local Recognition Covered by The Winston Salem Journal for Their Work with Habitat for Humanity
    (Author: Sydney Smith) Senior engineering students must all complete a capstone design project before graduating; this entails collaboration with a group of three to five of their peers to design innovative solutions which meet consumers’ needs while upholding Wake Forest University’s motto, “Pro Humanitate.” Students dedicate more than 1600 hours to this project, providing them […]
  • Dr. Lauren Lowman and Dr. Erin Henslee Announced as 2020 Engineering Unleashed Fellows
    (Author: Yassmin Shaltout) Assistant Professors Dr. Lauren Lowman and Dr. Erin Henslee were selected to be part of a 29-person cohort and were nominated by their peers from higher education institutions across the country for their innovative educational contributions to engineering. Their fellowships will include funding for the advancement of specific projects within Wake Forest’s […]
  • Dr. Courtney Di Vittorio Receives a Pilot Grant to Develop Novel Bio‐Optical and Lake Hydrodynamic Modeling Approaches to Monitor Water Quality
    (Author: Yassmin Shaltout) As a Civil Engineer and Water Resource Management Specialist, Dr. Courtney Di Vittorio has a natural passion for using satellite imagery to understand the quantity and quality of water. From her work in international development, she is also cognizant of the importance of access to clean water and irrigation resources in the […]