We are very proud of the work that has been completed throughout all of our capstone projects. Please use the following links to explore the design projects that our seniors have completed throughout the years. The most recent year’s webpage also provides information about the upcoming symposium.

It’s no secret that in the professional world, many of the young engineers graduating today will ultimately be faced with the most complex problems that society has ever seen. To effectively prepare our Wake Engineering graduates to tackle these challenges, we have designed a capstone experience that includes not only a culminating and team-based engineering design project that incorporates engagement with real-world stakeholders, but also a culminating thread of entrepreneurial, character, and leadership development work. As part of our institutional partnership with the Kern Engineering Education Network (KEEN), our faculty have carefully threaded the elements of personal growth in the leadership and character spaces throughout all four years of our program’s curriculum, including its capstone experience. Learn more.

For additional questions, comments, and resources in relation to this work, please contact engineer@wfu.edu .

2024 Capstone Project Symposium

2022 Capstone Project Symposium

2021 Capstone Projects