Wake Engineering students understand that tackling real-world problems requires diverse perspectives, including their own. Our Capstone Design Projects embrace this mindset by soliciting project ideas from many sources.  We source project ideas from students, faculty, WFU partners (like clinicians from the School of Medicine), industry partners, government and non-profit organizations.  We aim for each project to address real-world needs and deliver real-world solutions and impact.  Entrepreneurial project ideas are welcome.

What we look for in a project 

When reviewing the projects ideas that have been submitted, we consider some of the following factors: 

  • Project Scope – is there clarity around what is being designed, and are the general requirements of the desired solution (the design) clear? Are existing solutions viable and if not, why? 
  • Project Complexity – to what extent do our senior engineering students have the technical skills to be able to tackle this problem? 
  • Project Feasibility – is this project able to be completed within our facilities, and within the capstone design project timeline? 

Proposing a project 

Would you like to propose a project? 

Please review our descriptive design process document and fill out our online form. When proposing a project, please keep in mind the elements that we look for in a project; a project that aligns with our mission and goals will be more likely to be accepted. Once we review your submission, we will follow up with you to further discuss your idea. 



If you are interested in proposing a project, mentoring our students or becoming a sponsor, we invite you to contact a member of our team.

For curricular, mentorship or project-related inquiries:

William Crowe
Visiting Assistant Professor
Phone: 336.702.1931

For sponsorship-related inquiries: 

Laura Ziesel
Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations