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Capstone Design Project Sponsorships

Wake Engineering students understand that tackling real-world problems requires diverse perspectives, including their own. Our Capstone Design Projects embrace this mindset by soliciting project ideas from many sources. Industry, government and non-profit organizations may submit projects to meet identified needs, while students, faculty and staff may propose their own entrepreneurial ideas.

Sponsor Benefits

An investment in a Capstone Design Project team is an investment in the future of your organization as well as the future of the engineering field.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Applying fresh perspectives to unmet needs through a low-cost, low-risk approach; 
  • Developing relationships with next-generation engineering talent and a potential pipeline of future employees;
  • Building brand awareness among tomorrow’s engineering leaders;
  • Offering professional development opportunities for technical mentors within your organization who oversee student projects; and,
  • Enjoying access to Wake Engineering resources, such as our labs, innovation makerspace, clean rooms, 3D printers, materials testing equipment, plasma cutter, PCB milling machines, DEAC supercomputer, and other research grade equipment. 

Sponsor Expectations 

Sponsoring a Capstone Design Project team involves time and a potential financial investment. Ideal sponsors will receive the greatest ROI when they give generously of their mentoring skills, share valuable expertise with the capstone team, and provide funding support for materials, supplies, small equipment, prototyping, and professional development for our students.


If you are interested in proposing a project, mentoring our students or becoming a sponsor, we invite you to contact a member of our team.

For curricular, mentorship or project-related inquiries:

Hunter Bachman
Visiting Assistant Professor

For sponsorship-related inquiries: 

Laura Ziesel
Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations