What is MakerSpace?

Our MakerSpace is a supplement to our more traditional teaching spaces. This space is available to our Wake Engineering students for classroom activities as well as their own projects. Located in Wake Downtown in Innovation Quarter, the Engineering Department MakerSpace is a spoke of the WakerSpace facility on Reynolda Campus.

3D printers are available for student projects
3D printers are available for student projects

About Our Space

The Department of Engineering is in the process of updating this space to better support our students and to add additional capabilities. Our intention in updating the MakerSpace is to increase and expand the equipment and the tools available. Additionally, this process will ensure that our MakerSpace facility is accessible to the broader Wake Forest University community, where staff, faculty, and students can receive training and use equipment and tools to support their education and personal growth.

Engineering Innovation Lab 360 Views


Ultimaker 2+, 3 Extended, and S3 3D printers
Printerbot Smalls 3D Printers
Solder Stations
Circuit Board Printer

Engineering Machine Shop 360 Views

Wazer Water Jet Cutter
Boss 1630 Laser Etcher/Cutter

Tormach PCNC440
Dewalt Miter Saw
Bandsaw, Drill Press, Belt Sander, Hand Tools