Our teaching labs are structured to support engaged, hands-on (active) learning. In these spaces, we provide opportunities for our students to interact with their instructors and to operate research- and industry-grade equipment, in addition to traditional teaching equipment. By incorporating an inquiry-driven element to our curriculum, our students are able to demonstrate and investigate engineering principles and their underlying scientific theories.

EGR 211 students explore the phenomenon of material "creep"
EGR 211 students explore the phenomenon of material “creep”.

About Our Teaching Labs

Growing Into Our Spaces

As Wake Engineering continues to grow into its spaces, we are working to design and build new teaching labs that will effectively support our innovative engineering curriculum. We are constructing these new spaces with the utmost attention given to the role of physical space in shaping behavior and student learning.

Intentionality of Space Design

This intentionality includes considering the development of our students as effective and confident team members. For this reason, most of our teaching labs, and the experiential labs and activities that we teach in them, are designed for group work. We also incorporate opportunities for students to complete their labs and activities independently, allowing them to develop technical proficiency on an individual level. The benefit of this dual approach is that every student has many chances to set up her or his own experiments and to test the principles that are being taught in our engineering courses.

Integrated Learning Environment

To fully integrate the learning experience, we have designed some of our spaces to accommodate a combined lecture and laboratory experience. In these facilities, the close proximity to experimental equipment allows the course instructors to incorporate physical demonstrations and activities directly into their lectures and problem set-ups, which significantly benefits the engaged student learning process. After all, why simply learn about a concept when instead you can experience it?

Teaching Labs

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Mechanics and Materials Lab 0605

Biochemical Analysis Lab 1901

Mechanics and Materials Lab 0605

Multipurpose Engineering Lab 1902

Circuits and Instrumentation Teaching Lab 3503

Fluids Heat Transfer Teaching Lab 3504

Fluids and Heat Transfer Teaching Lab 3505

Fluids and Heat Transfer Teaching Lab 3505