Wake Engineering celebrated the graduation of its first inaugural class, the class of 2021, in May 2021! Our inaugural class had 43 students. Approximately half of these students participated in study abroad and 70% participated in internships across diverse sectors of engineering practice. Furthermore, over 50% pursued minors and half participated in undergraduate research. This cohort of students were placed in either industry or governmental job positions (~70%), graduate school (~20%) or professional schools (~10%). The average salary range was roughly $75,000 with a range from $55,000 to $120,000. Some examples of employers included Oracle, AstraZeneca, Premier Health, SST Automation and Whiting-Turner.

Headshot of John Hobson

John Hobson

Army Corp Engineer

Maxim Belyayev Headshot

Maxim Belyayev

Operations RLP Associate, Otis Elevator Co.

Noah Handwerk Headshot

Noah Handwerk

Embedded Python Test Engineer, Actalent

Chloe Beatty Headshot

Chloe Beatty

Project Engineer, Alberici Constructors

Dayton Diemel Headshot

Dayton Diemel

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Adero Mandala Headshot

Adero Mandala

Project Engineer, Whiting-Turner Contracting Co

Goran Jovanovic Headshot

Goran Jovanovic

Project Engineer, Winter Construction

Regan O'Donnell Headshot

Regan O’Donnell

Associate Consultant, Putnam Associates

Zack Pagnani Headshot

Zack Pagnani

MS Biomedical Engineering, Duke University

Marguerite Walk Headshot

Marguerite Walk

MS School of Business, Georgetown University

Lucy Vaughn Headshot

Lucy Vaughn

R&D Associate, AstraZeneca

Jacob Safee Headshot

Jacob Safee

School of Business, Southern Methodist University

Ayana Edwards Headshot

Ayana Edwards

Supply Chain Associate, Dentsply Sirona

Hank Shaw Headshot

Hank Shaw

Technical Solutions Engineer, EPIC Systems

Sophie Ballou Headshot

Sophie Ballou

PR & Influencer, Chasen Creative Media

Charlotte Van Houtven Headshot

Charlotte Van Houtven

Solutions Engineering Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

Zhijun Zhang Headshot

Zhijun Zhang

Tianjin, China

Wells Barefoot Headshot

Wells Barefoot

Mechanical Design Engineer, Siemens

Brayan Martinez Headshot

Brayan Martinez

FSO Technology Consultant, Ernest & Young

Jack Holekamp Headshot

Jack Holekamp

Project Manager, Epic


Morgan Wallace Headshot

Morgan Wallace

Energy Management Specialist, Scheider Electric

Cameron King Headshot

Cameron King

MS Environmental Engineering, Duke

Claire Griffin Headshot

Claire Griffin

Business Development Engineer, LaBella Associates and AVANGRID


Aiden McCormack

Aidan McCormack

Overhead Transmission Engineer/Scientist I at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Hannah Grimm

Hannah Grimm

Prototype Specialist, Duke Energy

Danielle Cantoni Headshot

Danielle Cantoni

Analyst, Accenture

Garrett Odell Headshot

Garrett Odell

Sr. Project Engineer, Project Farma


Jemima Odetokun Headshot

Jemima Odetokun

MS Biomedical Engineering, Duke University

Meredith Vaughn Headshot

Meredith Vaughn

Building and Architectural Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Kenneth Edwards Headshot

Kenneth Edwards

Technical Solutions Engineer, EPIC Systems

Liza Fahey Headshot

Liza Fahey

Portfolio Management Analyst, FS Investments

Nicholas Rucinski Headshot

Nicholas Rucinski

IDP Analyst, JPMorgan Chase & Co

Max Album Headshot

Max Album

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technician, Mile Hybrid Automotive

Drew Foreman Headshot

Drew Foreman

Staff Engineer, Poulos & Bennett (Civil Engineering)

Gabrielle Prichard Headshot

Gabrielle Prichard

Cloud Solutions Engineer, Oracle

Bryan Bennett

Clinical Research Data Scientist, Eko

Margaret Nyamadi Headshot

Margaret Nyamadi

Analyst, Investment Analytics & Data, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Hao Tong Headshot

Hao Tong

MS Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins

Ethan Cooley Headshot

Ethan Cooley

Data Scientist, Stanson Health