2021 Capstone Projects

We are extremely proud of the work that our inaugural class of engineering seniors completed throughout the 2020-2021 academic year, and we are grateful to all of our faculty, staff, clients, and technical experts who gave their time and expertise to support these capstone design projects. Please find information about the projects that our inaugural class of seniors tackled below. 10 teams completed capstone design projects in the following three areas: Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Impact, Environmental Solutions for Restoring Our Ecosystems, and Biomedical Engineering Innovations for Saving Lives.

Challenge 1: Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Impact

Sustainable and renewable energy technologies are revolutionizing people’s lives while also improving the overall impact that humans have on the environment. The Capstone students embracing this challenge are encouraged to think critically and practically on ways that innovation can make our everyday lives more sustainable. By educating youth on the properties of water, advancing automotive efficiency, and increasing access to electricity and equitable housing, these teams are addressing the layered barriers to launching into a more sustainable future.

Flow Energy harnessing device for electrical vehicles
Habitat for Humanity House

supercooled water museum exhbit
low cost per unit power solar thermal system

Challenge II: Environmental Solutions for Restoring Our Ecosystems

Revitalizing the ecosystems and communities affected by climate change is an important step in moving forward, together. Both as a people and as a planet. These Capstone teams recognize that this restoration is best accomplished by using environmentally-focused tactics and have thus accepted the challenge to employ creative and protective solutions to complex issues. By working on water filtration and conservation management, these teams are producing techniques that can be easily applicable to preservation and water management world-wide.

LiDAR Mapping System for Autonomous Drone Flight
rainwater capture and delivery system

Challenge III: Biomedical Engineering Innovations for Saving Lives

The consequences of complications in a clinical setting are often drastic. At the cross section of innovation and optimal patient care, the Capstone teams who chose to take on this challenge are digging deep to push the bounds of current medicine. By working to minimize the limitations of tissue engineering, gaft monitoring, cancer diagnosis, and decannulation sensing, these teams are developing methodologies, technologies, and systems for the overall advancement of medical practice and the improvement of patient care.

Cell Seeding Bioreactor
Arteriovenous bypass graft monitoring system

appendiceal cancer
sensor activated tracheostomy tube monitoring system

A thank you to our sponsors and technical experts who supported our students:

2021 capstone sponsors' logos

Dr. Paul Allaire 

Dr. Blaine Levedahl 

Miranda Weitzel 

Jeff Meyers 

Adam Park 

Tony Schallert 

Bob Summers 

Dr. David Carroll 

Lindsey Gray 

Sarah Prather 

Traci Connor 

Dr. Philip Brown 

Dr. Heather Brown-Harding 

Dr. Andrea Mazzochi 

Dr. Metin Gurcan 

Dr. Pete Santago 

Dr. Victor Pauca 

Dr. Konstantinos Votanopoulos 

Dr. Marty Kohn 

Dr. Daniel Coldren 

Dr. David Klimstra 

Dr. Miles Silman 

Frederic Katz 

Fred Livingston 

Marcus Wright 

Matt Peterson 

Damien Di Vittorio 

Loyce Ong’udi 

Doug Winkie 

Dr. Shahriar Moossavi 

Dr. George Odell