2022 Capstone Symposium

Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd

Since August 2021, senior engineering student teams have been working diligently to complete eleven engineering capstone design projects in the following three areas: Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Impact, Environmental Solutions for Restoring Our Ecosystems, and Biomedical Engineering Innovations for Saving Lives. In alignment with Wake Forest University’s motto of “Pro Humanitate” (For Humanity), the Capstone Design Experience brings real-world authentic engineering projects to our engineering students. We desire for positive impact to be made, innovative solutions to be produced, and equity and justice to be reflected in the technological advancements that our students make.

The time is rapidly approaching for our students to present their efforts during the second annual engineering capstone symposium! We are extremely proud of the work our seniors have completed, and we are grateful to all of our faculty, staff, clients, and technical experts who have given their time and expertise to support our students. We invite you to join us in celebrating our students’ achievements with events on Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd. Specific details for these events are provided below. We have also provided project summaries and videos recorded by each of our teams for your reference. Please take a look at the innovative projects our students have been working on and we hope to see you at the symposium!

Schedule of Events:

Friday April 22nd – Poster Session
Location: Wake Forest University Reynolda Campus, Benson University Center Room 401
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Saturday April 23rd – Presentations and Prototype Showcase
Location: Wake Downtown (455 Vine Street, Winston Salem)
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Challenge 1: Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Impact

Sustainable and renewable energy technologies are revolutionizing people’s lives while also reducing the overall impact that humans have on the environment. By electrifying aquatic propulsion, creating a novel solution for wastewater treatment, and designing an energy efficient residential home, these teams are addressing the layered barriers to transitioning into a more sustainable future.

Electric Propulsion
Design of an Electric Powered Watercraft
lily pads
Onsite Treatment of Household Wastewater

Solar Decathlon lightbulb
Solar Decathlon Competition

Challenge II: Environmental Solutions for Restoring Our Ecosystems

Revitalizing ecosystems and communities affected by climate change is an important step in moving forward both as a people and as a planet. By working on improving education, monitoring of ecosystems, and environmental hazard mitigation, these teams are producing techniques that can foster a better relationship between society and the environment for the foreseeable future.

Interactive Museum Projection Exhibit
under the ocean
Autonomous Pelagic Profiling System

Bridge Design for Remote Communities
Cloudy Day
WFU Stormwater Improvement

Remote Tunnel Hazard Monitoring System

Challenge III: Biomedical Engineering Innovations for Saving Lives

At the cross section of innovation and optimal patient care, the Capstone teams who chose to take on this challenge are digging deep to push the bounds of current medicine. By working to improve healthcare, tissue engineering research, and surgical cardiac repair, these teams are developing methodologies, technologies, and systems for the overall advancement of medical practice and the improvement of patient care.

hospital beds with exercise equipment
Simplified Exercise Apparatus
Bioreactor Monitoring System

heart valve
Design of a Prosthetic Heart Valve for Pediatric Patients

A thank you to our sponsors and technical experts who supported our students:

  • Paul Allaire
  • Sarah Prather
  • Traci Connor
  • Philip Brown
  • Pete Santago
  • Damien Di Vittorio
  • Samuel Carmichael
  • Meredith Merchant
  • Michael Briscoe
  • Takacat Americas
  • Tate Rogers
  • Aaron Forbis-Stokes
  • Tina Whitfield
  • Eric Stottlemyer
  • Sheri Floge
  • Ethan Gingerich
  • Brenton Kreiger
  • Michael Draughn
  • Nick Golden
  • Yoshio Otaki
  • Ashli Jones
  • Chris  Busch