Erin Henslee

Erin Henslee

Erin Henslee, PhD

Assistant Professor

Phone: 336.702.1963

Office: 455 Vine Street, Bldg 60 South, Room 4511

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PhD                        Biomedical Engineering (University of Surrey, UK)

Grad Cert.              Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (University of Surrey, UK)

MSc                        Biomedical Engineering (Virginia Tech-Wake Forest, US)

BSc  Engineering Science & Mechanics (Virginia Tech, US)

BSc Mathematics (Virginia Tech, US)


The electrophysiologic properties of cells, measured through lab-on-a-chip assays , can be used to delineate how these properties relate to disease, drug resistance, circadian biology and cell patterning. I strive to find ways for engineering applications to complement, improve upon, or give new insights to existing lab-based measurement tools.

Additionally I am interested in the areas of sustainable practice of lab-based research, e-sport science, PhD and early career researcher development, and public engagement with research.


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+These authors contributed equally

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