Engineering Student Advising

In the nation, we are the only BS Engineering program (with undergraduate students only), grounded in the liberal arts at a research university. This unique combination not only defines who we are, but defines our unique characteristics. Our students will graduate with a BS in Engineering and have an exemplary undergraduate experience infused with the liberal arts. Whereas about 60% of the engineering curriculum represents common fundamentals the cut across engineering applications (and disciplines), 40% of the engineering curriculum can be customized to meet students’ engineering interests and applications. We strive to be a leader in undergraduate education with primary motivations being: innovation in the curriculum, effective learning methods, and an authentic liberal arts curriculum to educate the whole person, featuring a project-based curriculum that emphasizes creative design and community partnerships.

Dr. Basu, Engineering Student Academic Advisor

Swati Basu PhD
Research Associate Professor, Physics
Engineering Academic Advisor (Part Time)
Wake Forest Faculty Fellow (Johnson Hall)
336.758.4988 (Reynolda Campus),
336.702.1931 (Wake Downtown)


Reynolda Campus: Olin 108D
Wake Downtown: 455 Vine Street, Bldg 60 South, Rm 1607

BS Engineering Degree

The program for each student majoring in engineering is developed individually through consultation with the student’s major adviser and leads to a bachelor of science in engineering. The degree is designed to meet ABET accreditation requirements: (1) A minimum of 30 semester credit hours of a combination of college-level mathematics and basic sciences with experimental experience, (2) a minimum of 45 semester credit hours of engineering topics consisting of engineering sciences and engineering design and utilizing modern engineering tools, (3) a broad education component that complements the technical content of the curriculum, and (4) a culminating design experience within the major.

Typical Schedule

To be well positioned for junior-level EGR coursework and to complete the degree in four years, students should complete the following courses during the first two years and should earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.0: CHM 111/111L, EGR 111, EGR 112, EGR 211, EGR 212, MST 111, MST 112, MST 113, MST 205, and PHY 113/113L.

According to the WFU Bulletin, “A student graduates under the requirements of the bulletin of the year in which he or she enters. However, when a student declares a major or a minor, the requirements for the major or minor that are in effect at the time of declaration will apply. Such requirements might not be congruent with those stated in a given bulletin.”


A typical, yet customizable, schedule for the BS Engineering major is

First Year: CHM 111/111L, PHY 113/113L, MST 111, MST 112, EGR 111, EGR 112

Second Year: MST 113, MST 205, EGR 211, EGR 212

Third Year: EGR 311, EGR 312, EGR 313, EGR technical electives, Math and/or Basic Science course

Fourth Year: EGR 314, EGR 315, EGR technical electives, Math and/or Basic Science course

Example Guide for students who want to declare EGR as Major

Example Guide for students who want to declare EGR as major in Spring 2019 or Fall 2020


EGR 111 is not a pre-requisite for EGR 112.
PHY 123/123L may be taken in place of PHY 113/ 113L.
EGR 111, 112, 211, 212, 311, and 312 are offered both fall and spring semesters. EGR 313, 314, and 315 are sequential.