Charles Cadena

Charles Cadena Headshot 2

Charles Cadena is from North Plainfield, NJ and majored in Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. He has always been overall interested in working on activities that include practical, multifaceted hands-on problems and solutions, much like his team’s Capstone project. Charles worked with a team of peers to develop a solution to process real-time mapping utilizing Light Detection and Radar (LIDAR) data to facilitate swarm droning in avoiding new obstacles, preventing collisions, and investigating areas on out-dated maps. With the help of technical experts and engineers at MechaSpin, the project team can produce a system that will be applicable and serviceable to Light Detection and Radar (LIDAR) surveying across multiple fields. Charles says that this project was the highlight of his senior year.

Wake Engineering projects that include technology design and architecture have been the most enjoyable to Charles. He shares, “Projects like ECG build in EGR 311, Sensing the City in EGR 11, and Hydraulic Ramp Pump Design in EGR 211 have all challenged me to approach real world problems in an open-minded manner and consider all aspects of the problems from potential stakeholders to ethical/moral issues.” Outside of class, Charles served as the Vice President of Wake Forest Men’s Soccer Club and as the Head Coach of Wake Forest Women’s Soccer Club. He was also Plan Examiner Assistant at SamPaul Contracting, Inc. Although Charles is currently unsure of his plans post-graduation, he hopes to use his experiences and Wake Engineering skills to guide his plans for his future.

Author: Adela Morales-Santana