Chloe Beatty

Chloe Beatty Headshot

Chloe Beatty is from Winston-Salem, NC and is currently in the process of prototyping a hair product that she will promote in upcoming months! This passion for hair and hair care arose due to a lab during her EGR 212 course where different hair dryers were reversed engineered and studied. She found herself researching further into the topic, learned about the properties of hair, and decided to take the helpful information she found to social media. Chloe started creating TikToks that provide people with all types of hair random facts and tricks that can benefit their haircare. She started her TikToks over quarantine and now has over 355k followers and over 3 million likes on her overall page. Inspired and encouraged by Engineering, Chloe has gained a large following which has led to acceptance to affiliate programs, paid sponsorship deals, and she also gets paid as a content creator from the TikTok fund.

Chloe is also involved in Wake Forest’s Dance Team, Wake Forest’s highly competitive Dance Company, and was a program assistant for 2 years and a program leader for Wake Forest’s World Wide Wake pre-orientation program. As the leader of the pre-orientation program, she created and adapted a new way to present it to accommodate around COVID-19. Not only is Chloe involved on campus, she also taught dance at two local studios and tutored over 20 kids ranging from 5th-10th grade. Chloe is currently interning with the City of Winston-Salem Department of Transportation (WSDOT) as the Temporary Transportational Project Planner. She is responsible for transit planning and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Engineering activities for the Winston-Salem Transit Authority (WSTA), the WSDOT, and the MPO. After graduation, Chloe hopes to continue working for WSDOT as a full-time employee.

Author: Danette Galindo-Martinez