Dayton Diemel

Dayton Diemel Headshot

Dayton Diemel is from Hudson, WI and majored in Engineering and Economics. Although he enjoys learning about various types of engineering, he especially likes studying Civil Engineering fields and Engineering Economics. He shares, “I enjoyed learning about how trusses and bridges work in Structural Engineering.” During his time at Wake Forest, Dayton learned that all problems have a step by step process to work through. He reflects that this realization will be helpful in addressing problems in the future. Dayton’s favorite Engineering memory is working on his team’s Capstone project. He worked with a team of peers to support Habitat for Humanity Forsyth County’s mission in creating affordable housing for local families. Dayton’s team created a complete set of AutoCAD drawings to support the newest housing developments which sought to accommodate a diverse set of needs. 

Dayton enjoyed being able to help the community by volunteering and adding value to the non-profit’s county business plan. He adds, “It is extremely exciting that the final building drawings that we will provide to this organization will be used for years.” Dayton also enjoyed volunteering with his Capstone group on a wall build in Winston-Salem. In particular, he liked meeting the future owner, learning Habitat for Humanity building techniques, and creating powerful client relationships. Outside of engineering, Dayton played on Wake Forest’s Football Team. Guided by his experiences and Wake Engineering skills, he hopes to become a Commercial Real Estate Broker. While Commercial Real Estate Brokerage is a career path outside of engineering, Dayton feels ready to tackle it head on with the many problem solving skills he has learned throughout his time at Wake Forest. “This job will take dedication, hard work, and continuous improvement just like [what] was expected out of us in WFU Engineering,” he shares.