Hao Tong Headshot

Hao is from Shanghai, China and High Point, North Carolina and majored in Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He has an overall interest in Biomedical Engineering, it is a field that he is naturally drawn to. Hao’s favorite project in engineering is the capstone project that was started last semester. Although there was a lot of struggling, he and his team were able to deliver on what was being asked and gained a lot of valuable experience from it. Hao believes that working on a lot of projects early on in his education has helped him see how the information that is being learned is implemented in real world examples and how that could be translated into future careers. Due to this exposure and practice, Hao’s interested in engineering has grown.

Outside of engineering, Hao participated in high performance computing (HPC) competitions. After graduation, Hao will attend Johns Hopkins University to pursue a masters in Biomedical Engineering.