Jack Holekamp

Jack Holekamp Headshot

Jack Holekamp is from Saint Louis, MO and majored in Engineering with a Mathematics minor. He is interested in biomedical engineering and new product development. Wake Engineering has fostered his interest in these areas through various projects, especially his team’s Capstone project which dealt directly with these areas of engineering. Jack worked with a group of his peers to integrate a system of sensors into the design of the tracheostomy tube to immediately detect decannulation. The team hoped to provide the patient’s family and healthcare providers with the peace of mind in knowing that notification of decannulation will occur immediately, minimizing harm to the patient. Under the supervision of Professor Lowman, Jack also worked on data compilation and the analysis of meteorological and soil observations from across the country.

Jack has worked as a Production Engineer at Katalyst Surgical in Saint Louis. Within this role, he successfully created a new method for manufacturing intraocular surgical instruments. Outside of engineering, he served as the President of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, for a year. He reflects fondly of this experience because it allowed him to develop his leadership and teamwork skills. These skills were developed through the volunteering opportunities that he helped coordinate with various organizations around Winston Salem. Due to the flexibility of Wake Engineering, Jack had the opportunity to study abroad in Vienna, Austria with International Education of Students (IES). Guided by his experiences and Wake Engineering skills, Jack plans on entering the workforce following graduation and is actively looking for full time employment.