Liza Fahey

Liza Fahey Headshot

Liza Fahey is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is interested in Environmental Engineering. She has always been interested in environmental engineering and to continue to pursue this interest, she took the EGR 317: Renewable Energy Sources course while in the Engineering Program. Through the senior capstone projects, she was able to delve deeper into the complexity of environmental engineering by working on a team that was tasked with designing a rainwater capture and delivery system for a school in Rabuor, Kenya. While working to develop this cost-effective and long-lasting system, Liza and her team have encountered and confronted the multifaceted technical and economic challenges associated with the task. Her favorite Wake Engineering memory doubles as one of her favorite projects throughout her time in the program. This project was the Arduino Robot Project in EGR 311: Control Systems and Instrumentation, where she built a small autonomous robot with Arduino hardware and software.

While at Wake, Liza participated in extracurricular activities as a member of the Kappa Beta Gamma Sorority. She is interested in moving into a business career in the future – this passion for business arose following a Tuck Business program that she completed in place of cancelled internships last summer. Liza has always been interested in business and consulting, and the Wake Engineering program’s unique placement within a liberal arts university allows for students to explore such interests. She believes that the analytical and problem solving skills she has gained from the Tuck Business program and from her Engineering education will help her be successful in that field. After graduation, Liza will be joining FS Investments as a Portfolio Management Analyst.