Max Album

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Maxwell (Max) Album is from Rochester, New York and majored in Engineering with an Environmental Studies Minor. Max’s favorite memory from his time in the WFU Engineering Program is dancing a traditional Greek dance in a circle with the Department Chair (Dr. Pierrakos) and the rest of his EGR 112 class. Max says that Wake Forest Engineering broadened his definition of what it is to be an engineer and opened his eyes to the projects that engineers work to solve. He is very passionate about working to extend the life cycle of materials, lower the carbon footprint, and transition towards more renewable energy. Max proposed his group’s capstone project “flow harnessing device” because of his interest in wind turbines and wind energy.

Max participated in club rock climbing and previously played club baseball and ultimate frisbee. He was also a member of the Gamma Beta Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi International Fraternity, AEPi, and served as Chapter President last year. Max worked at Vidaris Inc., a building façade company in New York City. His focus while there was working under a principal architect to write up project summaries and shadow building inspectors to check the work done by the tradesmen. Along with this, he would compare the work against the shop drawings which got approved before the start of each construction project. Max is applying for jobs to work as an on or offshore wind turbine technician, a solar technician, or as an environmental engineer looking at air and water quality. After graduation, Max plans to work and eventually return to school to study chemical or mechanical engineering.