Wells Barefoot

Wells Barefoot Headshot

Wells Barefoot is from Raleigh, NC and majored in Engineering with a minor in Biology. He is interested in biomedical engineering, particularly in medical device design and creation, much like his team’s Capstone project. “I like the idea of being able to create something that is more efficient or will be more helpful for a patient or a caregiver,” he shares. Wells also has an interest in mechanical engineering. He enjoys the idea of understanding “how machines work and being able to design different parts that become a part of a larger assembly”. Wells’ favorite engineering class was EGR 320: Biomedical Engineering Applications because he liked seeing the varying ways in which engineering can be applied to the medical field, and in some cases beyond that scope.  

Guided by Dr. Nicole Levi, Wells has conducted research at the Wake Forest School of Medicine Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery lab. Wells has also worked within the Quality Assurance department at Siemens. Although the role was not engineering-based, there was a lot of interdepartmental communication within the engineering departments and his department. His role was to assure that each part that was out into an assembly met proper specifications, correct measurements, and had no deformities. “This role helped me to understand the importance of detail within engineering prints and also how important every little piece is to a larger assembly,” he adds. Although Wells is currently unsure of his plans post-graduation, he hopes to use his experiences and Wake Engineering skills to guide his plans for his future.